Friday, June 1, 2012

Double the cracks...double the swims

Today started with and ended with Shaw's Cove in Laguna! What a way to welcome June!!

Another beautiful day at 6 am with warm and clear waters.  What was special about today? Well today I decided not everything is about training and it was a day to remember why I am in the water vs. thinking.  With that said...what I mean is it was a fin day. I downsized my fins so I don't get as much of an aid, but definitely still an aid. I wanted to keep with the group this morning so I wore them because it is fun to keep up. Best part was it allowed me to shoot the crack this morning. Yay!! When I say 'the crack' this is the crack between the rocks at Seal Rock aka Ray's Crack. Oh my goodness what fun it was today. I went for it following Patsee's lead. I figured if Patsee was going do it I will take it as an unspoken dare and follow. So I did. It was awesome! I have done the crack a handful of other times but never like it was today. Don't get me wrong it was safe, but maybe felt like it wasn't the best idea mid way through, but by then there was NO turning back. I kicked and swam like I would never swim again. Getting out of the crack Steve asks me how it felt...what went through my mind was 'depends could you see the look of fear in my face as the waves were churning up around me? Because if you couldn' was great!' Although my response, and it was definitely honest, was 'put it this way that crack was tougher than the entire swim' everyone got a good giggle and there I was still catching my breathe. Haha.

It was super fun this morning!!

I double downed at Shaw's today and went back for more after work for a night swim. It was fantastic! I got there late from some of the swimmers. So I walked to a far corner of the south cove and just thought okay no turning back again just go for it and swim back in with the group. Had the water not been calm again I wouldn't have been able to safely get in where I did. I caught up to the group and swam but also just felt like we were playing for a while. We went to the Giggle Crack. At this crack the water sucks you in and then spits you out. Julie went fearlessly in at first as Patsee and I thought the tide might not be right...of course after she did it we couldn't help but do it. Again a lot like today I was being pulled in almost by a 'dare' from Patsee following her. Well I can see why it is the Giggle Crack. I laughed and screamed out woohoo's in and out. It was super fun!

We saw quite a few sting rays and a bat ray while in the water. Before I got in I did see a dolphin in the cove, but I do have to admit when I first saw the fin prior to getting in the water I waited to have assurance the fin was welcoming vs unwanted. Turns out it was a dolphin so I wasn't worried of being in.

After fun, food, conversation, and nothing but laughter along with some fulfillment talk we all jumped in once more for a night swim.

It was a great night with lifetime friends full of crack shoots!

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  1. LOL! Crack shots indeed! What a fun day!
    I am thinking 5 or 6 laps next Sunday