Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up...

It's been a bit of time since I have last posted.  I have been swimming, but much of my time has been limited due to issues with my left shoulder.  Since I have last posted I did do a few things along with keep up with my regular weekly swims.  My long swims have had a bit of a damper on them as I have been struggling to make it past 3.5 to 4 miles the last few weeks (maybe even month).  It has definitely been difficult for me to get over. 

I have made a couple of attempts so far to hit 7.5 to 8 miles non-stop, both fell short.  My first attempt stopped at 6 miles and my second only made it to about 4.5 miles. 

Something I don't think I have talked about yet...I am being documented by two independent film makers for my Anacapa Channel swim.  I was being filmed on one of the days I attempted 7.5 and I only made it 4.5 miles that day.  That was a tough pill to swallow.  

Since those failed attempts I have been giving my shoulder a lot of rest...or trying to at least.  I tried for a few other long training swims with little success and my distances seemed to be getting even shorter.  I had been feeling blah about my swimming and defeated. 

I did go have my stroke analyzed at Think Physical Therapy.  It was worth it for me to do this.  I saw in an under water video what I potentially had been doing wrong on my left stroke that is causing me my pain.  I have been now more aware of how narrow my stroke is and I am improving. 

A few fun swims I did was the La Jolla Cove Pier to Cove swim.  Although I was disqualified I had a blast.  I was DQ'd because I started early.  There was a guy and his wife who were looking for another swimmer or two to start early as he was a disabled swimmer.  Jeremy had polio when he was younger and it affected his right side.  His disability coupled with his wife only being in the ocean a couple of times (they are from Arizona) they felt more comfortable to have someone else swimming with them.  I volunteered because I wasn't doing the swim for a time...I was there for fun!  

The waves were rough getting out that day.  It took me 14 minutes to get to the edge of the pier and along the way of being pummeled by waves I lost Jeremy and Allison.  I stopped and asked one of the kayakers for the swim if they saw anyone else heading out.  He didn't and I waited a couple more minutes with no sign. So off I went solo with no kayaker or swimmer to go with me.  It was okay though.  I figured that at some point I would have others pass me up and then I wouldn't be solo anymore.  That never happened.  I did see at least a dozen sting rays and saw the most beautiful jellyfish I had ever seen.  Of course that freaked me at first.  I was afraid of being stung so I swam abruptly right to avoid it not knowing if there were more to come.  It was huge and a beautiful purplish brown color.  I stopped a few other times to look back, but I never saw the two swimmers I started out with.  Bummer!  I finished feeling really great and no shoulder pain.  In fact for the first time when I got out I was the first one to finish!  That felt GREAT!  ha, ha.  Of course it only lasted a few seconds because I had to tell the race directors I started about 30 minutes early.  It was then I was DQ', but again its okay I had a great day.  Met new friends and spent great time with old friends.  Jeremy and his wife made it out and finished the swim strong.  I got to see the two of them finish side by side.  I was really happy to see them finish so happy together. 

The weekend after La Jolla I did a road trip with Lynn up to Arroyo Grande to swim at Avila Beach with Rob's group.  It was a great time.  I had the privilege of meeting a few new friends and spent some fun time in the car with Lynn.  We had hoped for cooler water and it was up to 59 degrees, which was a lot warmer than we thought it would be.  Lynn and I were hopping for 54-55 degrees.  I got about 1.5 miles in. 

So that for the most part gets me caught up to date...


  1. Sorry I couldn't deliver on colder water, you missed it by 3 days... on Wednesday we had a 55 degree swim that finished with 1 hypothermic swimmer and some first responder practice for the local guards!

    1. It was a great swim in Avila and 59 was still cooler than OC waters. :-) Not too mention no other place had I ever been able to swim through a pier. That was really cool for me! I loved my swim in Avila with you and your group.